Sue Murphy brings a Mindfulness Program to schools that focuses on breath, brain, and body in a fun, engaging way. This helps students understand how learning about their own physiology plays a huge role in developing coping skills to manage their days in a healthier and more balanced way.

Schools see a benefit with students increased ability to self-regulate, making the classroom experience more enjoyable and setting the student up for a more successful experience.

3 Separate 15 minute sessions per classroom focused on the whole body.

Session 1: Breath - using a heart beat audio, we will learn a variety of ways to recognize breath and its changes in different circumstances in conjunction with the heart beat.

Session 2: Brain - growth mindset/over fixed mindset - through engaging activities we will learn how a growth mindset will grow our flexible brain and help ease our emotions.

Session 3: Body - flexibility and moving - using our breath and brain combined with yoga moves, we will learn how our whole body can work together to tackle the day in a healthy way.

End with a quiet moment to just BE to allow the body to absorb this learning whether that is through journaling, coloring, sitting quietly, or using a tactile tool. There is not one way that works for every kid.

Time between sessions is important for processing and keeping the attention to get the most out of each session.