Students during the sessions:

“I only breathe in and out of my nose now, I even do it on the soccer field”

“When the heart beat sound comes on, I automatically start paying attention to my breath and count the beats”

“ When I breathe, I can feel it in my rib cage”

“I feel really good and calm after we breathe”

“I don’t want this to end”

(School Counselor)- “This work is so important for the kids to learn about their whole bodies. They are learning life long skills to help manage their days better. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with our students as well as lightening up my load on a social emotional whole school level”

(Vice Principal) “I’m so glad you are working with our students. In some regards, this year is more difficult than last year from an emotional and behavior needs level. These are great, simple tools that our students can use anywhere”

Mom to a 3rd and 4th grader- “my son and daughter have been doing their deep breathing exercises that they learned at school at home to help them fall asleep”

Mom to a 3rd grader- “Everyday my daughter asks if she can show us the movement part of your lessons to get her heart going and feel good”

Mom to a 5th grade boy- “This is just what this school needs! My son tells me he looks forward to you coming in because it is fun and he is learning at the same time”