Summer Camp 2022!!

Theme this year is THIS IS ME!!!

Whole Body Fitness combined with Social Skill Exploration in the most fun ways! Don't miss out!

"A place where a kid be a kid"

Me Kids Summer Camp began in the summer of 2020 on the notion of giving kids a place to just be a kid in a world that was making no sense. Coupled with saftey measures, a small group gathered for good old summer fun of games, exercises and more! It was so exciting and filling - so we continued to evolve!

Boys and Girls ages 5-12 come together for 1 week in the summer to learn physical and mental fitness, meditation and relaxation, social skills during structured and unstructured time and time to just be a kid and have fun!!

In keeping with our ME kids approach, every child learns differently so we take into consideration the whole child. This camp encompasses the idea of a mulitdisciplinary approach offering a variety of ways to engage through: music, literacy, physical fitness, sensory, tactile, etc. This approach allows for choice, discovering interests and passions, flexibility, and learning more about themselves in a safe, play based environment!

"There are times when kids lead kids and teachers and counselors lead. Everyone gets a voice because we can all learn something from each other"- This becomes our motto as the week unfolds!